Travelling Alone

Finding Myself

All Adult Sites Offer the Same Concept

With so much adult behavior being shown on television it is no wonder that teenagers are constantly searching sites looking for more stimulation. As a teenager you will find many sites offering pornography, however, these sites are usually not free after the first visit. That is why when a teenager does find a free porn site, he makes sure to tell his friends so that they all have a listing of these sites. Being able to have a listing of free pornography sites as a teenager can save him the hassle of charging his parent’s credit card and eventually getting caught looking at adult situations. These sites offer the same thing that the paid pornography sites have the only true difference is that there is more visibility in the what a teenage boy is looking for when he goes on these X-rated sites.

A Horrible Surprise

Last night I told my children I was going out for dinner and a movie, and would not be back until late. I had repeatedly told them to stay at home and go to bed at the normal hour. Being teenagers, this did not happen. Unfortunately my date cancelled and I had to head home before I even got to the restaurant. It took me about 30 minutes to get back to the house, and when I did things seemed to quiet. When I got inside I could not find my daughter anywhere, but could here my son in his room. When I stood by his door to listen in on the conversation, I realized immediately that he was having gay fuck buddy sex. I was horribly embarrassed for myself and him. I couldn’t even find it in me to open the door and yell at him, I was to appalled.


When I was in college I had a lot of fuck buddies on campus and off, I just was not ready to give my heart to one person. I went through a bad relationship with a gal right before I set off to college and I told myself I would never go through that again. When I told her I did not want to be with her anymore she would follow me and show up in places that she never knew I hung out at.

I had to replace slashed tires on my car about six times and not to mention all the dents and scratches on my car. Unfortunately, I can not even remember how many times that I had to pay to get my cell phone number changed.

After college, I finally did settle down with the love of my life and have a couple children now. She was one of my buddies from school and we hung in there and are now truly in love with each other.